Update - January 2022

Our "In-Person Service" is at 10:30am, advance registration is advised (there is now a "One Time Registration" system at: tinyurl.com/3f337cxs  Some  restrictions still apply such as face coverings [unless exempt] and social distancing. The On-Line services will still continue.  In-person Children's Church and "Connected" for Young People take place during the "In-Person Service" .  A number of other activities have restarted in-person, others still take place on-line.  Please see the bulletin for details.

On-Line Worship Service
As well as the  "In-Person Service" there will be an on-line Sunday Service at 10:30am  on YouTube: youtube.com/c/ViewfieldBaptistChurch

Resources for Children and Young People
Our service has an All-Age time at the begining.  To receive weekly resources for children and teenagers please email: children@viewfield.org.uk
Videos for children are available at: youtube.com/c/ViewfieldBaptistChurch/playlists

On-Line Prayer
There is an on-line Wednesday Evening Prayer Time at 7:30pm (fortnightly) on YouTube: youtube.com/c/ViewfieldBaptistChurch
Other prayer times also take place on-line and in-person. more information at: tinyurl.com/2p93nmj4

Note for the Viewfield Family
If you are a part of the Viewfield Family and you would like to receive email communications from the Church then please contact the Church Office: office@viewfield.org.uk

Points of Contact:


What we believe

At Viewfield Baptist Church, we try to live our lives - both as a community and as individuals - in faithfulness and love for Jesus. In order to put our aims into coherent words, we have adopted a set of scriptural based principals called "Our Core Values". These values are the basis on which we structure our Church life and how we understand our calling to be Christ’s representatives in Dunfermline.

  • We are called to be a worshipping people - seeking and celebrating the God who journeys with us, and open to the Holy Spirit in the whole of life.
  • We are called to be an inclusive people - pulling down the walls of prejudice and welcoming the stranger.
  • We are called to be a sacrificial people - risking uncertainty, becoming vulnerable, and reflecting the generosity of God.
  • We are called to be a prophetic people - working for justice, resisting violence and challenging the abuse of power.
  • We are called to be a missionary people - demonstrating in word and action the redeeming love of God in the world.

As a Baptist church we live under the Lordship of Christ and follow congregational government. The church meeting entrusts the leadership (the Deacons) to accountably
serve the church, with underlying ministries accountable to the leadership.

The Church is structured under seven areas, each encompassing relevant individual ministries:

  • Children & Families
  • Discipleship
  • Fellowship
  • Mission
  • Pastoral Care
  • Prayer
  • Support Ministries

More information is available at viewfield.org.uk/sites/default/files/2021-11/Structures-Nov-2021.pdf

The Church reconstituted as a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in June 2021.  The new constitution is available at: viewfield.org.uk/sites/default/files/2021-11/SCIO-Constitution-2021_0.pdf


Viewfield Baptist Church is located near the town centre of Dunfermline and is easily accessible by car or bus. There is a car park situated slightly down Viewfield Terrace that is free on Sunday mornings although you have to pay if you plan to stay after 1 pm. The church is also within a 10 minute walk of Dunfermline Town Train Station (although be prepared for the hill should you choose this method!) and Dunfermline Bus Station. Our main doors to access the building are situated on East Port, opposite the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Viewfield Baptist Church, East Port, Dunfermline, KY12 7HZ


Current Deacons



    Ali Taylor

    Children and Families Worker - children@viewfield.org.uk

    Rae MacKenzie

    Pastor - pastor@viewfield.org.uk office@viewfield.org.uk

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