What we believe

We, at Viewfield Baptist Church, try to live our lives - both as a community and as individuals - in loyalty and love for Jesus. We have expressed this in a set of scriptural based principals called "Our Core Values". These values inform how we structure our Church life and how we understand our calling to be the Body of Christ in Dunfermline. They are based on this confession of faith with corresponding Core Teams:

We are called to be a worshipping people - Worship seeking and celebrating the God who journeys with us, and open to the Holy Spirit in the whole of life.

We are called to be an inclusive people - Fellowship pulling down the walls of prejudice and welcoming the stranger.

We are called to be a sacrificial people - Discipleship risking uncertainty, becoming vulnerable, and reflecting the generosity of God.

We are called to be a prophetic people - Ministry working for justice, resisting violence and challenging the abuse of power.

We are called to be a missionary people - Mission demonstrating in word and action the redeeming love of God in the world. In addition there are four Support Groups covering the areas of Admin, Finance, Prayer and Works.